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Barry Keene

Barry Keene played bass for Spirit for a few years circa mid seventies. Below you can read my review of his solo-album Das Nappy.

Barrymore Keene

LIAD (Life Is a dream)

NOTE: This CD has been re-issued with a new title; "Das Nappy"!

"Life is a dream" is the self produced debut album by former Spirit bassist Barry Keene. Barry played bass for Spirit in the mid seventies, and also worked as sound engineer for, amongst others, Frank Zappa and Ike & Tina Turner .
This is an album that really grows after listing to it three or four times, so give it a chance! The first track that really caught my attention was the last track on the album, an instrumental called "Float". A gorgeous track that really "floats"! Most of the album is pretty laidback, like the the first track "Upon the shore", but there's also some harder rocking tracks like "The Candyman", and some beautiful instrumentals.
The guitars sometimes remind me of Spirit, in fact some the tracks wouldn't have sounded out of place on a latter day Spirit album like "Tent of Miracles". This CD reveals Barry Keene as a sensitive, versatile and entertaining musician, and I recommend it wholeheartedly!
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