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Jay Ferguson soundtracks for films and TV

Roadie1980Jay performs the song "A Man Needs A Woman"
Terminator1984Jay performs the song "Picture's Of You"
Deadly Passion1985Was available on a Teal label LP.
Quiet Cool1986Was available on a Macola label LP, Cat. # MRC-0966
The Patriot1986---
Best Seller1987Was available on Manhattan label LP
License to Drive1988---
Johnny Be Good1988---
Bad Dreams1988CD: Varese VCD-70456 (also used to be available on LP)
Race for Glory1989---
Nightmare on Elm Street 51989---
Gleaming the Cube1989---
Tales from the Crypt1989TV
Nightmare on Elm Street 51989CD: Varese VSD-5238
Parker Kane1990TV
Going To Extremes (a.k.a. The Caribbean Clinic ?)1992TV
Nervous Ticks1992---
Double Dragon1993CD: Milan 35700
Tremors 2: Aftershocks1995---
The Viper1998-1999 (?)TV
Sweetwater: A True Rock Story1999TV
The Magicans2000TV
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