Welcome to the August homepage! August is a free html editor for the UNIX platform. It's a non-wysiwyg editor - like Aswedit or Hotdog. It's written with the Tcl/TK scripting language and graphical toolkit. It's distributed as a single tcl script, which means that if you know Tcl/Tk you can very easily customize August yourself. It is currently in Beta, but these have been reasonably stable and bug free so far. I'm not a professional programmer, in fact August is my first programming project, and if you take a look at the code I think that will show...

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2001-04-16 August 0.63b released. 2001-03-25 Updated "Plans and goals" section of the website. 2000-10-31 August 0.62b released. 2000-07-30 August 0.61b released. 2000-06-22 August 0.60b released. 2000-05-21 August 0.53 released. 2000-01-12 August 0.52 released. 1999-11-30 August 0.50 released. 1999-11-27 Another site update. 1999-11-15 Updated this site. 1999-09-12 August 0.42 released + some additions to this site. 1999-08-08 August 0.40 released. 1999-07-18 August 0.37 released. 1999-05-23 August 0.35 released. 1999-05-09 August 0.30 released. 1999-05-02 Updated this site with some info. about future developments. 1999-03-14 August 0.27 released.

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August documents
Latest readme.txt (including changelog)
GPL license


Standard Tcl script (source) distribution
(smaller file to download, Tcl/Tk 8.0 or better must be installed on your system, will run a bit slower):


If you're upgrading to August 0.61b or newer from an older version you may have to delete or edit the "Augustoptions.tcl" file that resides in the ~/.August directory. The format of this file has changed a bit; a correct line in this file now looks like this:
set August(tpldialog) {yes}
Before it looked like this:
set August(tpldialog) "yes"
If you don't do this you may get a message like this when you try to run august:"Error in startup script: quoted string doesn't terminate properly [...]"
If you have been running August 0.42, you'd better take a look at the hidden .August subdirectory in your home directory. This particular release creates a lot of buffer files that isn't erased when August is shut down, so there may be large number of files there. Just do "rm *.bf" and they are gone. Hint: Don't do this when August is running!

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