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The Latest Spirit News...


Rock And Roll Planet...1977-1979

Available from (UK/EU) or (US).


Another triple CD coming title yet, but here's the tracklisting:

Line-up: Randy, Cass & Fuzzy Knight on most of the tracks.

Disc 1 (Live)
1) Phoenix, Land of The Rising Sun
2) Stone  Free
3) Cold Rainy  Night
4) Zandu
5) 1984
6) Rock and Roll  Planet
7) Natures  Way
8) There Are  Words
9) Like A Rolling  Stone
10) Animal  Zoo
11) All Along The  Watchtower
12) Downer
13) That's My Number

Disc 2 (Live)
1) Zandu
2) Fresh  Garbage
3) Looking Down
4) Miss this Train
5) Darlin  If
6) Cold Rainy  Night
7) Same Old  Naturally
8) Mr Skin
9) Its All The  Same
10) I Got A Line On  You
11) Walking The  Dog
12) Morning Will  Come
13) Day  Tripper
14) I?ve Got Used To My  Imagination
15) Wild  Thing

Disc 3 (Studio  Tracks)

1) Love Charged
2) Something  New
3) Rock and Roll Planet
4) Leavin? It Up To You ( early Hollywood  Dream)
5) Bass  Fuege
6) Zandu
7) Midnight Train
8) In Just A Little  While
9) Peter  Franklin
10) Brian Berry  Blues
11) Storm In The  Night
12) These Are  Words
13) So Happy  Now
14) Hollywood Dream
15) Same old  Naturally

Solo acoustic tracks  :
16) Livin' In this  World
17) 10,000  Days
18) Thinking Of  You
19) Seems Like 1,000  Years
20) Rainbow On The  Water
21) Don?t Give it All  Away
22) Monkey See, Monkey  Do


New Spirit triple CD with live and studio material from 1974


Latest news from Mick Skidmore: a new triple CD set is coming, with the track listing as below:

Disc 1 (Live)

1)                   Veruska  (California, Andes, Cassidy) (5:34)(Aqua Blue)

2)                   Storm In the Night (California) (4:48)  (Aqua Blue)

3)                   Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan) (9:01)(Special Rider Music)

4)                   I've Got to Use My Imagination (Goffin/Goldberg) (3:57)

5)                   Fresh Garbage(Ferguson) (4:01) (Hollenbeck)

6)                   Devil (California) (2:51)(Aqua Blue)

7)                   Kristee (California, Andes, Cassidy) (1:46) (Aqua Blue)

8)                   My Road (California) (3:32) (Aqua Blue)

9)                   Old Blue  (Trad: Arranged California) (2:30)(Aqua Blue)

10)               Joker on the Run (California) (3:38) (Aqua Blue)

11)               So Little Time to Fly (California) (2:26) (Hollenbeck)

12)               All Along the Watchtower (Dylan) (13:46) (B.Feldman and Co)

13)               I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) (Jagger/Richards) (4:14)

14)               Same old Thing > Urantia  (California) (5:16) (Aqua Blue)

15)               Downer  (California) (3:14) (Aqua Blue)

Disc 2   (Live)

1)                 Hey Joe (Roberts) (7:37)

2)                 Guide Me  (California) (3:28) (Aqua Blue)

3)                 Electro Jam (California/Cassidy) (4:10) (Aqua Blue) >Mr. Skin (Ferguson) (3:28) (Ferguson)

4)                 Run Sinner Run  (Lipscomb: Arranged California) (4:43) (Aqua Blue)

5)                 Sunrise  (California/Cassidy)  (3:01) (Aqua Blue)

6)                 Cripple Creek (Traditional: Arranged California) (0:56) (Aqua Blue)

7)                 It's All the Same (California/Cassidy) (5:34) (Hollenbeck Music)

8)                 I Got a Line on You  (California) (3:09) (Hollenbeck Music)

9)                 Ebbetts Crowd (applause)  (2:29)

10)             Doin' Fine  (California) (2:19) (Aqua Blue)

11)             Veruska  (California/Cassidy/Andes)  (4:45) (Aqua Blue)

12)             Victim of Society  (California) (4:54) (Aqua Blue)

13)             On the Road Again (Wilson)  (4:46)

14)             Happy (Jagger/Richards) (5:33)

15)             Goin' Down (Nix) (4:46)

16)             All Along the Watchtower (Short version)  (Dylan) (5:27) (B. Feldman & Co)

Disc 1 Tracks, 1, 8, 12, 13, 14, Ebbetts Field, Denver, Colorado 10/30/74

Tracks 3, 5, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 6/30/75

Tracks 5, 6,7,11, Ebbetts Field, Denver, Colorado 10/31/74

Tracks 9, 10, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas June, 19th 1975

Disc 2 Tracks 1, 2,12,13,14 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 11/18/74

Tracks 3, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 6/30/75

Tracks 4, 5, 6, Ebbetts Field, Denver, Colorado 10/30/74

Tracks 7,8,9,10,11, 16, Ebbetts Field, Denver, Colorado 10/31/74

Track 15, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas June, 19th 1975

Disc 3 (Unreleased Studio Material)

1)                 Sunrise  (California/Cassidy) (6:45) (Aqua Blue)

2)                 Kathy  (California) (2:17) (Aqua)

3)                 I've Got to Use My Imagination (Goffin/Goldberg) (3:13)

4)                 Looking into Darkness (California/Cassidy) (2:54) (Aqua Blue)

5)                 Neptune Caper (California/Cassidy) (2:57) (Aqua Blue)

6)                 Positively 4th Street (Dylan) (3:46)

7)                 Jimmy Brown (Trad: Arranged California) (1:36) (Aqua Blue)

8)                 Wake Up America (California) (3:00) (Aqua Blue)

9)                 Family (California) (3:10) (Aqua Blue)

10)             Magic Fairy Princess (California) (3:17)  (Aqua Blue)

11)             Cass Drums (Cassidy) (1.50)  (Aqua Blue)

12)             Salvation (California) (1:21)  (Aqua Blue)

13)             The Maharaji Speaks (Dialogue) (1:19)

14)             Holy Man (California) (2:55) (Aqua Blue)

15)             Maybe You'll Find  (California) (2:57) (Aqua Blue)

16)             Future in My Hands (California) (3:05) (Aqua Blue)

17)             You're So Beautiful (early Goin' Away) (California) (3:01) (Aqua Blue)

18)             Circle (California)  (3:13) (Aqua Blue)

19)             It's Time Now (California) (4:45) (Aqua Blue)

20)             So Happy Now (California) (1:20) (Aqua Blue)

21)             Miss Lani  (California) (2:31) (Aqua Blue)

22)             Sparkling Sands (California) (2:48) (Aqua Blue)

23)             High With You (California/Lani Pidot) (2:19) (Aqua Blue)

24)             Seven Fires  (California) (2:26) (Aqua Blue)

25)             Bad Luck and Trouble (The Stars Are Love) (3:17) (Aqua Blue)


"The Euro-American Years" NOW AVAILABLE, box set planned!

"The Euro American Years" 4 CD pack, is now available to order at Evangeline records:

More info about future releases from Mick Skidmore:

THE EURO-AMERICAN YEARS is not to be confused with the multi-disc SPIRIT BOX SET, that is planned for later next year. Although not fully completed (more material is still being sought), it will contain RED ROOSTERS, NEW JAZZ TRIO, SPIRITS REBELLIOUS, and of course regular SPIRIT material throughout the bands career, including live material from 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, and other studio material and demos.

Aside from this, there are three more projects completed awaiting interest by a US label. They are TENT OF MIRACLES (remaster/remix) with 7 bonus tracks, plus a stunning live 1991 disc from the last European tour (I recently found every show from the tour on DAT).

SPIRIT OF 74, a 2 CD live set mostly by the Mark Andes, Cass and Randy line-up, plus a dozen studio tracks.

SPIRIT OF 79, a 2-3 CD live set by the Fuzzy Knight, Cass and Randy line-up, with a dozen studio tracks, rehearsals and demos.


New Spirit release in January 2007!!

Mick Skidmore reports:

"The Euro-American Years", a limited edition 4 CD set.

Disc 1-3 are all A-A+ sound, disc 4 is a little more ragged but still of interest.
This will be a super budget sell for the price of a regular UK album or close to that. Discs 3 and 4 are really a bonus for fans.

Disc 1
1) You Stole My Heart
2) California Man
3) Song For Laura
4) Reeling in the Night (longer version)
5) Lani By the Sea
6) Shattered Dreams (alternate mix)
7) Rock of Ages
8) Magic Wand
9) Toy Guns
10) This is the End (unedited)
11) Mon Ami (unedited)
12) Rude Reaction
13) Calling You
14) Wild Thing
15) Easy Love (12" mix)
16) Fearless Leader
17) Five in the Morning
18) Skull and Crossbones
19) Breakout
20) Man at War (unreleased version)
21) Hand Guns

Disc 2
1) Come On (Woman)
2) Trouble in Mind
3) Cabin De Telephone
4) Shane (original demo)
5) Brittany
6) All Along the Watchtower
7) Don't Bother Me
8) Downer
9) Second Child
10) Man at War (Long Version)
11) Killer Weed
12) Radio Man (Same Old Naturally)
13) Superchild (original demo with Bruce Gary)
14) Run to Your Lover (demo with the band Nile)
15) Love's Not a Game (demo with the band Nile)
16) Love is War (demo with the band Nile)
17) Childhood's End  (demo with the band Nile)
18) PT109
19) Whispers From Heaven

Disc 3
Spirit - Live  80/81  (Cass, Randy and Liberty), mostly from the
Bottom Line and Uptown Theater Kansas City. Great quality board tapes.

1) 1984
2) Turn to the  Right
3) Hungry Driver
4) I want Someone
5) Hey Joe
6) So Little Time To Fly
7) Fish Fry Road
8) Shattered Dreams (9 minutes)
9) Magic Wand (11 minutes)
10) Five in the Morning
11) Come On (Woman)
12) Downer
13) Breakout
14) Song For Laura
15) Wild Thing

Disc 4
Collector's bonus disc.

1) Grosser Hescher (German Language Fearless Leader)
2) Write you a Letter
3) Trying to get Closer to you
4) Stepping Son
5) Past Love (Copyright demo)
6) Otter in the Sea (Copyright demo)
7) Childhood's End (Original solo copyright demo)
Tracks 8-15  Randy California Band live Ayr Scotland, October 1979
Complete soundboard tape.  Decent SQ.  41 minutes.
8) Downer
9) You Stole My Heart
10) Move On Up
11) California Man
12) Rebel's Flight
13) Breakout
14) Song For Laura


John Locke tribute and another obit

Here's a short tribute to John Locke from a radio station:


This is an mp3 file that you can download to your computer. It features a short interview segment with John.

An obit from The Times (UK) (middle of the page)


Spirit tribute CD!

Spirit tribute CD by the 13 dreams band


R.I.P. Bruce Gary 1951-2006

More sad news: Drummer and producer Bruce Gary passed away August 22. He played on several Randy California and Spirit albums. He was also an appreciated contributor to the Spirit Yahoo group. Check out his homepage.


R.I.P. John Locke 1943-2006

I'm very sad to report that one of the founding members of Spirit, keyboard player John Locke passed away on Friday August 4th. Here's an obit from a UK newspaper.


Original Potatoland released!

Available now from: (USA)
or (UK)


A new version of the Potatoland album will be released before Christmas, R.I.P. Keith Andes and box set

From Mick Skidmore's posting on the Spirit Yahoo forum:

"At rather short notice we are planning to release the original "Journey Through Potatoland" before Christmas. It's been assembled from a variety of tapes and acetates and sonically is the best I can get it from the blemished sources, but its all there in its entirety, including sequencing "Salvation" back in where it belongs as part of the "Salvation-Matter of Time Suite." There will be a few bonus tracks including a beautiful ballad "You Know," and possibly some Kapt Kopter live and studio tracks, but note: these are "collector's only" recordings i.e they are sonically reasonable but not great."

Mick Skidmore also talks about a Spirit box set in his posting:

"Beyond that assuming all goes well I'm assembling a Spirit box that will incorporate all of Chronicles plus some live original band material, more studio tracks, live material from 1974, 1975, 1978, 1982 (original band) 1991 (original band. In addition to this the set will include a alternate version of Future Games (home demo) and a slew of tracks recorded prior to Spirit of 76. A lot of these are often mistaken for "Future Games" outtakes but they are from late 74 early 75, including "Imagination," "Future in my Hands," "Your So Beautiful" "Wake Up America" "The Neptune Caper" etc. I'm still trying to collect material for this project so if you know anyone who has anything rare please have them contact me. I see the set as at least 4 discs possibly more."

R.I.P. Keith Andes, father of Mark and Matt; died Nov 11.


New Jo Jo Gunne album!

The original lineup of Jo Jo Gunne have reunited and released a CD with new and old songs. Check it out/order it here:

Jo Jo Gunne official website:


"Son of America" - new Spirit album!

Latest news from Mick Skidmore:
There will be a new double Spirit CD released next month called "Son of America." Here are the track details. They are all studio recordings. Disc two is meant to be a "bonus" disc.

Disc One

1) Space Jam (California) (2:28)
2) The Prophecy (California) (4:41)
3) Interlude #1 (California) (1:27)
4) Thomas Q and Jennifer (California/Mary Quintin) (4:14)
5) Sai Jam #1 (California) (2:12)
6) 20 Years (California) (3:10)
7) Gyrations of War (California) (1:29)
8) Son of America (California/Cassidy) (4:18)
9) In the Dark (California) (0:53)
10) Storm in the Night (California)  (2:47)
11) Gopal (California) (3:41)
12) Sai Jam #2 (California) (3:15)
13) Shock Values (Loria, additional words California/Cassidy) (4:33)
14) The Times They Are A Changing (Bob Dylan) (4:28)
15) Interlude # 2 (California) (1:20)
16) Who Are You? (California) (1:44)
17) Breaking My Heart (Soul on Fire) (California) (3:05)
18) Barking Up the Wrong Tree (California/Matt Andes) (4:07)
(totally different version)
19) Back Home  (California) (2:59)
20) French Apartment (California) (1:33)
21) City of Angels (California)  (2:35)
22) 2007 (California) (4:25)
23) Sai Jam #3 (California)  (4:53)
24) Let it Be (Lennon/McCartney) (3:57)
25) Medley: (i) Maybe You'll Find (California)
(ii) When (California)
(iii) Farther Along (California/Cassidy/Matt Andes) (5:08)

Total Running Time: 79 minutes 41 Seconds

All tracks Aqua Blue Music except:
13: ???? and Aqua Blue
18: Aqua Blue/Mulch Music
24: Sony/ATV Music Publishing
25: part (iii) Aqua Blue/Mulch Music


1) Intro (California) (unreleased) (0.45)
2) One By One (California/Monahan) (alternate) (7:22)
3) Love From the Heart (California) (alternate mix) (3:48)
4) Denise (California) (unreleased) (2:37)
5) Loverman (California) (unreleased)  (2:32)
6) No Time to Pretend (California) (alternate) (4:56)
7) Fire (California) (3:07)
8) Close To You (California) (4:05)
9) The River (California) (alternate)  (4:47)
10) Evil is, Evil Does (California/Lee) (unreleased) (3:39)
11) Mean and Beautiful (California) (alternate)  (5:20)
12) Compromise (California/ Lee) (alternate) (7.10)
13) Mean Littler Sister (California) (unreleased) (2:55)
14) 12,000 Miles (California) (studio version)  (3:40)
15) Break My Back (California) (alternate)   (4:10)
16) Land of Bismo (California) (unreleased) (3:55)
17) Line By Line (Water In the Eyes) (Monahan) (Full Version) (3:14)
18) Take Me Down (To the River of Love) (California) (4:04)
19) Living On Love (unreleased vocal Version with instrumental reprise) (California)(7.49)

Total Running Time: 79 Minutes 42 seconds.

All tracks Aqua Blue Music except:

2: Aqua Blue/Lowest Dog
10 and 12: Aqua Blue/Desert Ray Music
17: Lowest Dog


Sundazed to Release Spirit Model Shop

NEW mid-line compact disc & 180-Gram vinyl


Ed Cassidy: We were very much a part of the avant-garde of the rock and roll scene. It was a very exciting time for us and at that time everything was pretty out-there!

Spirit the groundbreaking L.A. combo equally swayed by moody jazz and Hendrix-style rock 'n' roll was born to record movie soundtracks. Unfortunately, they cut only one, for the seldom-seen 1969 Jacques Demy film Model Shop, but what a triumph it is: a magical blend of John Locke's eerie keyboards, the soaring guitar of Randy California and Jay Ferguson's impassioned vocals and percussion, backed by the rock-steady bass and drums of Mark Andes and Ed Cassidy.

It's mindboggling that something as dazzling as the Model Shop soundtrack recorded by the classic Spirit lineup has been languishing unreleased in the vaults for over 35 years! The stuff of longplaying-legends and vinyl-myths, this full-length album was recorded in late 1968, but the completed master was shelved before release. Rescued from obscurity at last by Sundazed, this much rumored film-score gem is now center-stage where it can take a much deserved bow. TRACKS: The Moving Van / Mellow Fellow* / Now Or Anywhere / Fog* / Green Gorilla* / Model Shop I* / Model Shop II*/ The Rehearsal Theme / Song For Lola (Clear) / Eventide* / Coral* / Aren't You Glad* All tracks marked * are previously unissued versions, making their first appearance ever on this set!

ARTIST: Spirit TITLE: MODEL SHOP CD CATALOG #: SC 6197 LP CATALOG #: LP 5180 Street Date: January 25, 2005

KEY SELLING POINTS - Previously unissued Spirit soundtrack masterpiece, recorded 1968. - From the richly-textured analog mono masters, originally assembled for release in 1969. - Liner notes include interviews with Spirit members.


Spirit - 'Live From The Time Coast'

(The Tent of Miracles Band Live 1989 to 1996)
2 CD Set Release Date: 24th October 2004, $12.99

A double live CD with 28 tracks is the third album to be released from the archives of the late RANDY CALIFORNIA. Recorded between 1989 and 1996. The line-up features founding members RANDY CALIFORNIA and drummer ED CASSIDY with MIKE NILE on bass. This line- up of SPIRIT is referred to by Spirit's hard-core followers as "THE TENT OF MIRACLES BAND"
Never released in any form previously and recorded in a number of venues from Manchester to Colorado and from London to Utah Includes versions of "FRESH GARBAGE", "UNCLE JACK", "I GOT A LINE ON YOU" and other SPIRIT classics

CD One:
Mike and Bob's Party
Love Tonight
Rapture In The Chambers
Tent of Miracles
Old Black Magic
Golden Jam
Dark Eyed Woman
I Got A Line On You
All Along The Watchtower
Jam Free

CD Two: 
In A Young Man's Eyes/Life Has Just Begun
Victim of Society
Holy Man
Future In My Hands
Love From Here
Fresh Garbage
Uncle Jack 
Burning Love 
Darlin' If
Logical Answers 
Blues For A Nation 
Ship of Fools 
Deep In This Land 
Turn To The Left/Working In New York


Spirit in MOJO magazine! There is a nine page article in the latest (February 2004) MOJO magazine (UK). In my opinion MOJO is the best magazine writing about rock music, so it's definitely a good idea to get this issue!

Also reported on the Spirit list at Yahoo:

"It is a happy Spirit day today. For all you Spirit and Randy California fans: the first Spirit internetradio is on the air.

You can find Spirit on The preset is Oldies. You can sort the stations by clicking on "station titles" and then again because its first sort starts with the Z. It is then the 5th station. You have to click on 12 Dreams Spirit radio and then on Play. You have to register with Live365 first but it is free of cost.

The first LP plus bonustracks is playing at present. We will put the other 3 LP's soon and most of the rest in the coming days.

Let the Spirit surprise you with what it is playing now ........

Have a nice listening ........ Arie and Robert"


The "Spirit of '76 album" will be relased on a double CD tomorrow by BGO records. I've also seen it at


The "Feedback" album is out on CD! You get it from
I've also seen reports of an upcoming new double live CD ("Live from the Time Coast") with recordings from early nineties...


YES, the song "Feel Good Time" performed by Pink on the soundtrack of the new "Charlie's Angels" movie is based on Spirit's song "Fresh Garbage" from their debut album. A lot of people ask me if Spirit's getting ripped off, I don't think so. On the other hand I don't know all the details yet...

Bruce Pates reports on the Spirit Yahoo forum:
"The new GUITAR (UK) magazine has a three page feature on Randy. It's the June issue with the "Strat Attack!" cover. This is an easy find for US fans at Borders, Barnes & Noble or Tower. There is a major screw-up in the Art Dept., as they use a picture of Shuggie Otis and caption it as Randy!"


A new Spirit double CD will be out soon called "Blues From the Soul". One CD with acoustic material and one CD with electric material. Among the musicians: Ed Cassidy, Scott Monahan, Matt Andes, Rachel Andes and Liberty. A Spirit tribute album is also planned.


Here's the track listing for the new album:

CD One

Cages (alternate version)
Just For You
Line By Line (Water In The Eyes)
Jack Rabbit (90's version)
Father and Son
Ego Spray
Center For Truth
Shock Of Confusion
Fallen Hero (Ode To JFK)(Different mix)
2000 Miles (A.K.A. 12,000 Miles) (Live)
Farther Along (Live)
CD Two

Hare Sai
Hello Goodbye (instrumental of Beatles song)
His Love
Sea Dream Suite (several songs)
Natures Way (instrumental)
Bhagavahita (Loving You Is Singing Your Song)
Question One


New Randy California/Spirit album (2 CD) to be released soon! "2CD set of recently discovered archive material. Also features longtime Spirit drummer Ed Cassidy and Scott Monahan" Album title: Sea dream Release date: Seems to be 29:th July. Label: Acadia records -


Check out the Official Bruce Gary homepage. There are pictures of Randy and others in the picture gallery.

Jay's 'Thunder Island' album will be released on CD this summer by Collectors Choice Music.


Here you can get Cosmic Smile on vinyl: Comet Records/Horizon Label

Sundazed has released "The Family that plays.." and "Clear" on vinyl.


  • On Spirit's new website at there's a note saying that a new album will be released in 2002....
  • The Malibooz (John Zambetti, Walter Egan, Scott Monahan, Dave Chamberlain and Bruce Gary) are back in the studio to record another album.


Spirit in Worldly Remains magazine:
Jay and Ed interviewed!

ALERT: In the November issue of MOJO there is on page 6 a box which says: \\ Who do you love? MOJO is preparing a special edition and would like to involve its readers. \\ What band or singer would you like to see a major MOJO feature on? \\ Email to


The Indulgers featuring former Spirit bassist/vocalist/songwriter Mike Nile has got a new CD out - check out

Former Spirit bassist Barry Keene has released his first soloalbum check out

The "Spirit -Live In Concert" video is now avalable on DVD check out or usual places like Amazon or CDNOW. Check out my review?.


Check out the the new Jay Ferguson interview by Kevin Delaney at


New Spirit video & Cosmic Smile on vinyl

Bruce Pates recently informed me about this new video:
"The line-up is Randy, Cass, Scott Monahan and Walter Egan on bass. It was recorded at "Summerfest: Return Of The 60's" held at "Glen Neler Park" in San Bernadino County, California on July 19, 1986. This festival was held over a couple of days, and included War, Canned Heat, John Sebastian, Eric Burdon, The Chambers Brothers, etc. "Nature's Way" has been available for years (from this show) on a compilation tape called CALIFORNIA CLASSIC ROCK, which also has a song or two by all the artists listed above. WARNING: The sound on these tapes is barely passable, although I haven't messed with tracking controls, etc. The Woodhaven folks have an unfinished website that only gives phone numbers at the moment. Site address is ."

Note: It seems to be only available in NTSC format right now. I've heard rumours about a DVD release.

It also seems that Arkarma Records in Italy will be releasing Cosmic Smile on vinyl (2 LP) soon!


Various new releases

100% Proof is a new Spirit collection released by Sony. \\ It features tracks from both the original band and from later lineups. Here's the track list:

Fresh Garbage
Uncle Jack
Mechanical World
I Got A Line On You
Dark Eyed Woman
Nature's Way
Animal Zoo
Mr. Skin
Day Tripper
Mother And Child Reunion
Walkin' The Dog
Turn To The Right
Joker on the Run
Like A Rolling Stone
Hey Joe
Holy Man
Farther Along
Mega Star
All Along The Watchtower

Sundazed Records is releasing two vinyl albums with rare Spirit tracks:

ARTIST: Spirit
TITLE: Now or Anywhere
CATALOG #: LP 5067
CONFIGURATION: 180 gram vinyl LP
Price: $12.98
"Spirit tempered its ravenous passion for jazz, high voltage rock, folk, blues and avant garde electronics, hammered it like a slab of hot steel and shaped a glistering original sound that no one's ever been able to duplicate. It's a good thing this eclectically brilliant Los Angeles combo; Jay Ferguson, Randy California, John Locke, Mark Andes and Ed Cassidy, always cut more material than it could use on its albums. Welcome to "Now Or Anywhere" and "Eventide", two soundtracks for the mind with 20 songs, unreleased at the time that flow as if they were always meant to be. Enthusiastically endorsed by the four surviving members of Spirit (all of whom were interviewed for the liner notes), Now Or Anywhere and Eventide, both on 180-gram vinyl, emphasize the moody and the ethereal, and smolder like phosphorous."


1. Veruska
2. Free Spirit
3. If I Had A Woman
4. Elijah (alternate take)
5. Fog
6. So Little To Say
7. Mellow Fellow
8. Now Or Anywhere
9. Space Chile (early version)

ARTIST: Spirit
TITLE: Eventide
CATALOG #: LP 5068
Price: $12.98


1. Eventide
2. Green Gorilla
3. Sherozode
4. The Moving Van (Model Shop Main Theme)
5. Model Shop - Rehearsal Theme 1
6. Model Shop - Rehearsal Theme 2
7. Corral
8. Fuller Brush Man
9. Sweet Stella Baby
10. Rougher Road
11. Red Light Roll On
12. Radio Spot 1
13. Radio Spot 2

P.O. Box 85
Coxsackie, NY 12051
ph: (518) 731-6262 * fax: (518) 731-9492

Jo Jo Gunne's four albums are re-released by Rhino Handmade \\ ( ) \\ on two limited edition CD:s.


New Spirit compilation

Bruce Pates reports: "The new issue of MOJO has an advertisement for a new SPIRIT compilation to be called "100% Proof - The Very Best Of Spirit". It's a "career spanning retrospective from the legendary West Coast prog rockers. 20 tracks including Fresh Garbage; Nature's Way; Animal Zoo; Like A Rolling Stone and All Along The Watchtower. Detailed notes by John Tobler. Superb sound quality." It's going to be a budget CD too on the Sony "Nice Price" label."


Spirit sampled by rap artist and more info about "MILLENNIUM ROCK HITS" compilation.

Bruce Pates reports:
"I have discovered a rap record that samples SPIRIT! This song is called "Resurrection" by a rapper called COMMON SENSE (who now goes as COMMON). The 12" record dates from 1995, and you have to find the "Extra P. Remix" and the "Extra P. Instrumental" to plainly hear SPIRIT's "Ice" being sampled! I recently called John Locke on the matter, since it's his song, and he was amazed! Of course, he's never been paid a cent for it! The record is on the Relativity label and is way out of print.

As to the new CD with the "new" "I Got A Line On You" recording, it is the only SPIRIT song on the CD. Other artists on the CD include IRON BUTTERFLY, THE TROGGS, COUNT FIVE, LONNIE MACK, BEAU BRUMMELS, REDBONE, SAILCAT, & BRIAN CONNELLY (FORMERLY OF SWEET). All songs are re-recordings of the original hits save COUNT FIVE and LONNIE MACK.


New version of "I Got A Line On You" released.

I got this info from Bruce Pates: "A new studio version of "I Got A Line On You', recorded in the 90's, has just been released. It is on a various artists CD called "MILLENNIUM ROCK HITS" on Dominion 4361-2 (USA). Dominion is associated with K-Tel. This is a budget CD, and is very inexpensive, as I only paid $6.99. Most people might not notice this and think it is just another re-release of the original 60's studio version."


New Spirit album!

I received this message from Bruce Pates: "There will be a new CD called "Cosmic Smile" to be released by Phoenix Media on March 21st. All songs will be unreleased, and they include: Love From The Heart; Break My Back; Compromise; Barking Up The Wrong Tree; Fire; Cosmic Smile; Mean and Beautiful; No Time To Pretend; Living On Love/Can't Sit Down; Close To You; One By One; Wave; River Of Love; Shake My Ego Down; I Had A Dream. Many of the songs are totally Randy. Other sidemen are Cass, Scott Monahan, Matt & Rachel Andes, Bruce Gary, Liberty and others. The cover is designed by Mark Arminski, who is one of the top poster artists these days."


The 1999 interview with Jay Ferguson

Go to my to read a with Jay Ferguson!


Press release: New Spirit CD release

I received this press release from Simon Hart at Past & Present Records in London:

"Spirit, the legendary band formed by Randy California and his step father Ed Cassidy toured the UK in 1978, culminating in this showpiece gig at London's famous Rainbow Theatre. This superb CD captures the excitement and tremendous musicianship of that memorable evening, as the band were roared home by a packed house. As a bonus, the CD also features 8 further tracks recorded live in Florida also in 1978. This re-mastered CD is a real audio treat for Spirit fans and collectors alike.

Tracks: Looking Down, Animal Zoo, 1984, Nature's Way, Hollywood Dream, It's All The Same, I Got Line On You, Downer, Wild Thing, Rock 'n' Roll Planet**, Nature's Way**, Animal Zoo**, 1984**, It's All The Same**, I Got Line On You**, These Are Words**, Hollywood Dream**.

  • Bonus tracks Live in Tampa & Miami 1978

Release Date - October 1st, 1999. Catalogue number - PAPRCD001. Bar-code: 5034748001802

Past & Present Records, P.O.Box 24515, London E17 4QP, U.K.

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