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Spirit covers & unreleased songs

By: Jerry van Kooten & Johan Bengtsson

Note (in 2010): Since this list was compiled some of these songs have been released!

Spirit songs covered by other artists

Spirit songcovered by
1984Records, The
1984Slash, Nash The
1984Sweet Rock
Fresh GarbageCA Quintet
Fresh GarbageLed Zeppelin (on a live bootleg)
I Got A Line On YouBlackfoot
I Got A Line On YouCooper, Alice
I Got A Line On YouHealey, Jeff
I Got A Line On YouJuicy Lucy
I Got A Line On YouWho Watchiz Ze Watchmain
Mr. SkinBirdwatchers, The
Mr. SkinCrichton Band, The Ian (H30)
Mr. SkinJuicy Lucy
Mr. SkinKristina, Sonja
Mechanical WorldParanoise (1999)
Nature's WayCross, Christopher
Nature's WayIcicle Works
Nature's WayOlssen Drum Orchestra, Nigel
Nature's WayThis Mortal Coil
Nature's WayWilliams, Victoria
Turn To The Right'O' Band
Uncle JackTyrnaround, The

Songs covered by Spirit

Song coveredOriginal artistAlbum
All Along The WatchtowerBob Dylan / Jimi HendrixSpirit of '76
CrossroadsRobert JohnsonCalifornia Blues
Day TripperBeatlesKaptain Kopter & The Twirly Birds
Gimme Some Lovin'Spencer Davis GroupCalifornia Blues
HappyRolling StonesSpirit of '76
Hey JoeJimi HendrixSpirit of '76, Live At La Paloma
I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Backwards)The Move???
I Don't Want NobodyJames Brown?Kaptain Kopter & The Twirly Birds
Like A Rolling StoneBob DylanSpirit of '76, Live At La Paloma
Mother And Child ReunionPaul SimonKaptain Kopter & The Twirly Birds
RainBeatlesKaptain Kopter & The Twirly Birds
Red HouseJimi HendrixCalifornia Blues
Stone FreeJimi HendrixSpirit Live
Times They Are A Changing, TheBob DylanSpirit of '76
Walking The DogRufus ThomasKaptain Kopter & The Twirly Birds
Wild ThingThe Troggs / Jimi HendrixSpirit Live, Euro American
YesterdayBeatlesSon Of Spirit

What about: Yes, B B King.

Unreleased Spirit songs

song titlesource
Miss This Train??
Charlie James??
Romance In Time??
Island Of Roses??
Body For Sale??
Hip Pretty Child??
Sweet Child??
Sister Tell Me??
Here Comes Joey??
Going Away??
Barking Up The Wrong Tree??
1000 Miles??

What about: High Heel Sneakers, Shotgun.

Unreleased songs by Spirit 2
(Songs registred with the US Copyright Office until 1983)

Go AwayCalifornia & CassidyHollenbeck Music21 Oct 68EU 80153
I PromiseCaliforniaHollenbeck Music28 May 69EU 118382
Only For LoveFergusonHollenbeck Music22 Dec 67EU 29885
Auntie MaryCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jul 74EU 500100
The Bright And Morning StarCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music29 Aug 75EU 608597
CautionCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music23 Dec 74EU 543012
Civic Reunion '76CaliforniaSquare Snuff Music22 Apr 77EU 777354
Doin' FineCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music12 Jun 72EU 333547
Don't Give It All AwayCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music16 Dec 77EU 854829
End Of The LineCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music8 May 75EU 578559
False PromisesCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music/Fish Fry Music30 Sep 76EU 718935
Future In My HandsCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music18 Feb 75EU 555892
Goin' AwayCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jul 74EU 500099
High With YouCalifornia & Lani PidotSquare Snuff Music19 Aug 77EU 814160
I Have A DreamCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music17 Oct 74EU 526753
It Seems Like 1000 YearsCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music19 Aug 77EU 814161
It Seems Such A CrimeCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music17 Oct 74EU 526754
Jeannie My LoveCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music18 Jul 75EU 597577
Just When You SayCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music18 Feb 75EU 555894
KathyCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music23 Jan 75EU 550098
KristeeCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music30 Jan 75EU 550014
Lani By The SeaCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music27 Jun 77EU 797474
Let Me Be Your DaddyCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music22 Apr 77EU 777355
Living Cells And People PillsCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music7 Jul 75EU 594232
Love ChargedCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music16 Dec 77EU 854828
(Love Will) Open Your DoorCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music17 Oct 74EU 526755
The Love You BringCalifornia & Dottie RossSquare Snuff Music5 Feb 75EU 555635
Miss LaniCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music19 Aug 77EU 814157
Monkey BiteCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music23 Dec 74EU 543014
On The GriddleCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music/Fish Fry Music18 Feb 75EU 555898
Oriental GirlCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music7 Jul 75EU 594233
Peter FranklinCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music30 Sep 76EU 718938
Phoenix (Land Of The Rising Sun)CaliforniaSquare Snuff Music18 Mar 76EU 661563
Rainbow On The WaterCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music23 Jan 75EU 550099
RunawayCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music/Fish Fry Music11 Aug 76EU 703267
Same Old NaturallyCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music/Fish Fry Music30 Sep 76EU 718936
7 FiresCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music19 Aug 77EU 814158
Show Love In Everything You DoCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music17 Oct 74EU 526757
Sittin' HereCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jul 74EU 500102
Song For L.P.CaliforniaSquare Snuff Music27 Jun 77EU 797475
Sparkling SandsCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music19 Aug 77EU 814156
Talk About My LoveCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music4 Dec 74EU 538623
10 000 DaysCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music19 Aug 77EU 814159
Tootsie RollCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music19 Oct 74EU 526759
Understanding Light Of LoveCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music8 May 75EU 578560
Way Back WhenCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music4 Dec 74EU 38624
What Do You Say?CaliforniaSquare Snuff Music4 Dec 74EU 538625
What Is Love For?CaliforniaSquare Snuff Music23 Dec 74EU 543017
The Wind Is CallingCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music4 Dec 74EU 538626
You Have OnlyCalifornia & Dottie RossSquare Snuff Music23 Dec 74EU 543016
You KnowCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music8 Dec 72EU 373747
You're So BeautifulCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jul 74EU 500098
You're So FineCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music30 Jan 75EU 550013
Everything TalksCalifornia & CassidySquare Snuff Music20 Nov 72EU 369448
California ManCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music21 Feb 79PAu 85-756
In Just A Little WhileCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jun 78PAu 21-690
(Someday) You're Gonna PayCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jun 78PAu 21-692
Something NewCaliforniaSquare Snuff Music2 Jun 78PAu 21-689
SleepLocke & Lynn MarzulliTilden Music19 Dec 75EU 638481
All I Want From YouCalifornia & Bruce GaryAqua Blue Music4 Feb 80PAu 171-30?
L.A. RadioCaliforniaAqua Blue Music4 Feb 80PAu 171-30?
Permanent WaveCaliforniaAqua Blue Music4 Feb 80PAu 171-30?
Seven-Oh-SevenCaliforniaAqua Blue Music4 Feb 80PAu 171-30?
Song For LauraCalifornia, Liberty & Jack WilloughbyAqua Blue Music10 Oct 79PAu 144-12?
It's Only Rock'n Roll-ayCaliforniaAqua Blue Music21 May 80PAu 217-03?
King Of RockCalifornia & Prescott NilesAqua Blue Music7 Jul 80PAu 218-06?
LeslieCaliforniaAqua Blue Music31 Mar 80PAu 186-36?
LisaCaliforniaAqua Blue Music31 Mar 80PAu 186-35?
No Way To KnowCaliforniaAqua Blue Music5 Jan 81PAu 258-68?
Rock And RolayCalifornia & Gaylord FeketraAqua Blue Music7 Jul 80PAu 218-06?
Seventeen, She DreamsCaliforniaAqua Blue Music31 Mar 80PAu 186-36?
Stand BackCaliforniaAqua Blue Music31 Mar 80PAu 186-36?
Shimmering LoveCaliforniaAqua Blue Music2 Apr 81PAu 283-49?
Trouble In MindCaliforniaAqua Blue Music2 Apr 81PAu 283-49?
Looked Up TightCaliforniaAqua Blue Music1 Jun 82PAu 406-87?
Steel BodyCaliforniaAqua Blue Music1 Jun 82PAu 406-170
Wine, Women, Weapons And TimeCaliforniaAqua Blue Music1 Jun 82PAu 406-171
GermanyCaliforniaAqua Blue Music1 Jun 82PAu 406-172
Move On UpCaliforniaAqua Blue Music20 Jul 82#PAu 421-669
Rebel's FlightCaliforniaAqua Blue Music20 Jul 82#PAu 421-670
Seventeen-Twenty-TwoCaliforniaAqua Blue Music20 Jul 82#PAu 421-671
SheriCaliforniaAqua Blue Music20 Jul 82#PAu 421-672
You Stole My HeartCaliforniaAqua Blue Music20 Jul 82#PAu 421-673
Rebel On AttackCaliforniaAqua Blue Music30 Jul 82PAu 424-336
Cabin TelephoniqueCaliforniaAqua Blue Music1 Nov 82PAu 451-589
Give Me Your NumberCaliforniaAqua Blue Music10 Jan 83*PAu 470-158
Somebody Was YouCaliforniaAqua Blue Music10 Jan 83*PAu 470-159
Rasta Girl (In A Ferrari)California & LockeAqua Blue Music & Tilden Music8 Mar 83*PAu 487-546
Thomas Q And JenniferCalifornia & Mary QuintingAqua Blue Music15 Aug 83PAu 535-467
Shake Me From My FantasyCaliforniaAqua Blue Music15 Aug 83PAu 535-468
Otter In The SeaCaliforniaAqua Blue Music15 Aug 83PAu 535-469
Overloaded Ships SinkCaliforniaAqua Blue Music15 Aug 83PAu 535-470
Part Of MeCaliforniaAqua Blue Music15 Aug 83PAu 535-471
He Keeps On Loving YouCaliforniaAqua Blue Music15 Aug 83PAu 535-472
UKCaliforniaAqua Blue Music13 Sep 83PAu 544-863
You Saw Right By MeCaliforniaAqua Blue Music3 Jan 84PAu 575-359
Love Is WarCaliforniaAqua Blue Music3 Jan 84PAu 575-361
Factory SequenceFergusonPainless Music6 Jul 82PAu 417-112
Let Me Believe In YouFergusonPainless Music31 Mar 83PAu 494-852
  • =Written in '82, #=Written in '79.
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