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Live In Boston

LP: Flying Horses Records, FC 019

Tracks: Fresh Garbage, Jealous, It Shall Be, Ground Hog, I'm Truckin', New Dope In Town, Mechanical World.

Recorded live at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, May 15, 1970 Randy California, Ed Cassidy, John Locke, Mark Andes, Jay Ferguson. The performance is strong but soundquality is poor.

Live In Berlin

LP: Crash Records - LD 1002

Tracks: Five In The Morning, Animal Zoo, Nature's Way, Turn To The Right, Hey Joe, Fish Fry Road, Information, I Got A Line On You, All Along The Watchtower.

Recorded live in Berlin, May 17, 1981. Randy California, Ed Cassidy, George Valuck (keyb) & Liberty (bass). Soundquality: OK.

Spirit From The Past

LP: AR 100

Tracks: Taurus, If I Had A Woman, Darling, Hey Joe, Nobody Else, (A bit of) Elijah, Nature's Way, Like A Rolling Stone, All Along The Watchtower, Wild Thing.

Tracks 1-6:Recorded in 1966. Rough demos for the "SPIRIT" LP. Randy California, Ed Cassidy, Mark Andes, John Locke, Jay Ferguson. Tracks 7-10 Recorded in 1978. Live at Rockpalast, Essen, Germany. Randy California, Ed Cassidy, Larry 'Fuzzy' Knight. Soundquality: OK.

Wholly Spirit (1984)

Tracks: I know these tracks should be on the record: 1984, Sweet Stella Baby, Red Light Roll On, Jealous.

I don't have this record, not even on tape, I've only read about it in Record Collector. It's a double EP set (!). I don't know all the songs on the album, the ones mentioned above are those that are mentioned in the R.C. article. Some of the tracks are live recordings from a 1970 show at the Lyceum in London.

Spirit* (1992)

(*this album is untitled)

Tracks: Rockpalast Jam, Hollywood Dream, Nature's Way, These Are Words, Looking Down From A Mountain, 1984, Animal Zoo, Rock'n Roll Planet, All The Same, I've Got A Line On You, Downer (the album cover says Tampa Jam), Like A Rolling Stone, Hey Joe, All Along The Watchtower, Wild Thing.

This is an Italian (label: Aulica) bootleg version of the Made in Germany album with a couple of bonus tracks (Downer, Rolling stone, Hey Joe, Watchtower, Wild thing) and a horrible "psychedelic" cover. The soundquality of these bonus tracks are poor, but the bands performance is good.

Live At The Texas Popfestival (1993)

Tracks: Intro Jam, I'm Truckin', Fresh Garbage, Poor Richard, Caught, Ground Hog, Policeman's Ball, Drum Solo, Mechanical World, I Got A Line On You, Aren't You Glad.

This record captures the original band's performance at the Texas popfestival in 1969. The soundquality is good, except that the vocals sounds muffled on most of the tracks. The best track here is IMO Mechanical World - this version almost made my hair stand up the first time I heard it! I also think John's pianoplaying is excellent. All in all, the band puts in a good performance, and since there is no official live album with the original line up, this record is worth it's weight in gold for Spirit fans!

Fillmore Tea Party (2000)

Track listing (with comments from Tim Barnes):

Disk 1: All The Same, Fresh Garbage, Jealous, It Shall Be, Groundhog, I'm Truckin', Too Much Business (New Dope In Town), Ed's drum solo, Mechanical World, Sweet Stella Baby, 1984, Instrumental, Jealous, All The Same, Fresh Garbage.

Disk 2: It Shall Be, Nothing To Hide, Mr. Skin, Animal Zoo (there's a break between this and the previous track, and this track starts with a brief snatch of the same instrumental as can be heard on disc 1), Aren't You Glad, Ed's drum solo (the last 7 minutes of this 13 minute track is Mechanical World), I Got A Line On You, Dark Eyed Woman (actually Dark Eyed Woman followed by Uncle Jack), Model Shop Improvisation (runs to 25:37, last 4.5 minutes of this is Aren't You Glad).

Further comments from Tim:
First 9 tracks of the above are the same gig as the 1970 Live in Boston album (Orpheum Theater, May 15th 1970), but from the mixing desk (with Jay's vocals way too high in the mix). The rest of the release are audience recordings. The last track is from the Eagle Auditorium, Seattle March 2nd 1969. The tracks in between are from the Fillmore West, San Francisco May 16th 1970.

(THANKS to Tim Barnes for the info. about this release!/webmaster)

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