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Jo Jo Gunne (1972)

Tracks: Run Run Run, Shake That Fat, Babylon, I Make Love, Barstow Blue Eyes, 99 Days, Academy Award, Take It Easy, Flying Home.

Produced by JoJo Gunne with help and remix by Tom Dowd.

Jo Jo Gunne was a very sharp stylistic turn musically for Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes after they left Spirit. The original line up was: Jay Ferguson; keyboards & vocals, Mark Andes; bass & vocals, Matt Andes; guitar & vocals and Curly Smith; drums and vocals.This album displays none of the musical eclectisism of Spirit, it is instead a straight forward blues/boggie rock album. The musicianship is excellent, but I can't help but think that Jay Ferguson's songs on this and some of the following releases by Jo Jo Gunne are sometimes a bit too clich�d. There's a re-recorded version of Babylon on Jay's Thunder Island album which I like better that the one on this album. My favorite tracks are Take It Easy (very good!), Barstow Blue Eyes and Run Run Run.

Bite Down Hard (1973)

Tracks: Ready Freddy, Roll Over Me, 60 Minutes To Go, Rock Around The Symbol, Broken Down Man, Special Situations, Take Me Down Easy, Wait A Lifetime, Rhoda.

Produced by Bill Szymczyk.

On this album Jimmie Randall has replaced Mark Andes. This album has a more powerful sound than it's predecessor, perhaps due to the presence of Bill Szymczyk who produced the album. My favorite tracks are: Roll Over Me, 60 Minutes To Go, Wait A Lifetime and Rhoda. In my opinion a slight improvement on the first album.

Jumpin' The Gunne (1973)

Tracks: I Wanna Love You, To The Island, Red Meat, Getaway, Before You Get Your Breakfast, At The Spa, Monkey Music, Couldn't Love You Better, High School Drool, Neon City, Turn The Boy Loose.

Produced by Bill Szymczyk.

My all time favorite Jo Jo Gunne track is on this album; To The Island. This song was later re-recorded and released on Jay's All Alone In The End Zone album. Otherwise there isn't much to recommend on this one, I think it's the weakest Jo Jo Gunne album. The opening track, I Wanna Love You has a great riff. The version of this album I have has the original (unbelievably silly!) cover depicting the members of JJG in bed with a fat naked woman flying over them. I think this cover was withdrawn later.

So...Where's The Show? (1974)

Tracks: Where Is The Show?, I'm Your Shoe, Single Man, She Said Allright, S&M Blvd., Falling Angel, Big Busted Bombshell From Bermuda, Into My life, Around The World.

Produced by John Stronach & Jo Jo Gunne.

On this album Matt Andes was replaced by John Staehely. This album sounds a bit different than the others, a bit like the English glam rock band Mott The Hopple. My favorite tracks are: Falling Angel, I'm Your Shoe and Into My Life.

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