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The Fankhauser Cassidy Band/On The Blue Road

Tracks: Further on up the road, 32/20 Blues, Bright Lights, Big City, Excited, Walking the dog, Loisiana Blues, High Heel Sneakers, Tale Of Misty Mountain, Possession Over Judgement Day, On the Blue Road, Nicky's Song.

This album unites Ed with legendary guitarist Merrell Fankhauser (former member of the legendary groups Mu, The Exiles, The Impacts and writer of the surf hit Wipe out) for an album of mostly blues covers but also a couple of originals written mostly by Fankhauser. Other musicians on the record are: Tim Fankhauser-vocals, guitar, trumpet, Leroy Richards-Bass guitar, James Enos-piano and keyboards, Bruce Clark-Tenor & Soprano sax and harmonica, Pete Sears-Piano and keyboards. I better say it immediately - I love this album! Blues albums by rock performers often means albums filled with mediocre hardrock versions (Gary Moore) or simply copies of the old arrangements (Clapton), but this one is an exception.

The musicianship is superb throughout the album and the arrangements sounds fresh. Merrells guitar playing is razorsharp and Ed's drumming is very tasteful on the whole album. Merrells son Tim does a great job singing some of the tunes. The presence of Ed and sax man Bruce Clark undoubtedly explains the slighly jazzy touch on some of the tracks. My favorite tracks are: 32/20 Blues, Loisiana Blues, Possession Of Judgement Day and the title track. This album is an essential purchase for all Fankhauser and Cassidy fans and everybody who likes music of this kind!

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